The fight continues?

I’m still here but I somehow figured I would be better by now but life doesn’t work out that way. Not even close….

Reality has outpaced my imagination at this point, 2016 ended with a divorce.

There she was, 8th grade and I knew that was it. Years passed and I finally got a  date, then another and before you know it marriage. Time is a funny thing,  20 years passed in the blink of an eye and then it’s gone.

2017 has to be my year!

Ok, nope…lets do multiple sclerosis! Maybe it’s good to know why getting the hormones replaced didn’t help and I continued to get worse. I will treat this like everything else and figure out what to do in this new phase of my life. OR, maybe I will grow a big beard and me and my dog will get a cabin in the woods and yell a squirrels. As always, my body is an asshole : ) Hopefully there will be more blog entries to post as I start treatment for MS.


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