Oxytocin update

I don’t know where my last draft went…anyways I ran out of my script and I can definitely tell a difference. Not urinating every 30 minutes was really nice as well as anxiety relief, good sleep and a general mood boost…I will do blood work in another month to see if there are any quantifiable changes in ifg-1 or a1c. Hopefully more blogging in 2015…..


Desmopressin experiment = Good, now..The Oxytocin experiment

Desmopressin and oxytocin seem to go hand in hand. Oxytocin for someone deficient can help with anxiety, depression, fatigue and on and on. Since testing is expensive I am just doing a therapeutic trial. So far anxiety has dropped dramatically, the blood sugar\ A1C will take a while to figure out if there is some benefit, so this experiment could take a few months to see some of the other benefits.