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Courtesy of Catherine Brown, enjoy.


My dive into adrenal insufficiency

I guess you could say I dove in head first, while at the magic convention I think it was saturday I started to feel tired like I was going to pass out and went out to put my head down, the shakes, sweating….Rick Henson and Crystal caught it and brought out Dr. Heaney out, he helped me stress dose and by the end of it I felt better than I had in a very long time.
Even though I had an acth stim test and it was low my own doctor got a lot of information out of this. I have had what I now know to be an adrenal crisis many times a year since I was a kid and it takes days for me to sleep them off, had it not been for the convention who knows how long it would have been before I was given cortisol replacement and learned stress dosing. My thanks goes out to the Magic foundation as well as Rick, Crystal and Dr. Heaney.