Of course my thyroid tanked again..

Picked up my script for T3 and will hopefully be back in the gym in a few weeks. Doctor raised my growth hormone dose again as well so hopefully the combo will make a difference.


Can erection drugs help growth hormone work better for us?

They might in a round about way inhibit somatostatin the exact mechanism is still under investigation, arginine is also a mild somatostatin inhibitor as well.


Just some food for thought….I have a perscription for cialis. not for erectile dysfunction but to help with frequent urination. The frequent urination stopped when I started GH so I stopped taking cialis. While doing some reading I ran across some info that suggested it can act as a somatostatin inhibitor. Somatostatin inhibits GH at different receptor sites so if you can modify that our shots become more effective. So I tried a little experiment and used my regular dose the last few nights and my feet stopped hurting and I have some energy.